Mother-Daughter Book Club

Mother Daughter Book Club

Our companion novels are PERFECT for mother-daughter book clubs. In fact, that's part of their purpose.

We want women and children to read our books together and discuss them, and the more women and kids that talk about the novels together, the better! Our hope is that readers will be inspired to live well and serve others as a result of reading and internalizing the themes incorporated in our books. (Learn more about our concept here. Find out more about the novels here.)

There are many ways you could set up your book club. You might have several meetings, with specific sections of the books assigned for each time. Or you could ask everyone to read the entire books ahead of time and then gather for one big dinner party where you can talk about the books and how you can serve others as a group. Or you could even do a book club via FaceTime or Skype with friends all over the world. The sky is the limit on what you can do!

If you think of a great idea for hosting a Novel Companion Book Club, please let us know about it via our "Contact Us" page or our social media pages.

You can find discussion questions here on our website, and you can also come up with questions of your own as you read.

Go find a group of novel companions and get your book club set up today!