Novel Companions

A Novel Companion: Mustang Macy and Mustang Jessie

"Novel" is another word for a fiction book.

"Companions" are people who do something together.

What are novel companions? They are people who read our books together.

Who are your novel companions? Whoever you want them to be. They can be kids or adults.

We write pairs of books—one for kid readers and one for adult readers—with the same setting, characters, and timeline. The kids will read the story from a kid character's point of view, and the adults will read from an adult character's point of view. We call these books companion novels.

You can read these companion novels with your mom, your teacher, your grandma, your coach, your aunt, your Sunday school teacher, your cousin, your friend, and/or anyone else in your life.

Our first companion novel for kids is Mustang Macy. You can read the first chapter here: