17 Easy Ways Kids (AND ADULTS) Can Serve the People in Their Communities

Kids, please talk to a parent or guardian before doing any of the following projects.


1. Teach an older adult how to use a smartphone or tablet.

2. Plant flowers in painted pots and deliver them to neighbors or residents of a local nursing home.

3. Put together “welcome baskets” of treats, books, a houseplant, and local information for new families in the neighborhood.

4. Distribute free bottles of water at a park or local community event. Bonus points for adding a custom label with an encouraging message.

5. Organize a yard sale with some neighbors and donate part of the proceeds to a favorite local charity or a family in need.

6. Volunteer to read books to younger children at the local library or to residents of a nursing home.

7. Write funny cards or poems and send them to local residents serving overseas in the military.

8. Offer to rake leaves, shovel snow, plant flowers, or do other yard work for a single parent or elderly person on your street.

9. Decorate paper placemats for the community senior center, homeless shelter, or nursing home.

10. Clean out the bookcase and donate books you have “outgrown” to a local shelter, library, preschool, or family with younger children in your neighborhood.


11. Bake some goodies and deliver them to the local fire or police department.

12. Partner with a local hospital to create care packages for kids battling cancer.

13. Volunteer to help an elderly neighbor organize their garage, basement, attic, closet, or pantry.

14. Offer to pet-sit and collect mail for neighbors when they go out of town.


15. Invite some older family friends over to watch a classic movie or a few episodes of one of their favorite childhood TV shows.

16. Deliver a weekly meal to a housebound neighbor. If appropriate, take the whole family along and eat the meal together.

17. Take a bouquet of flowers to a widow on your street.

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