Companion Novels: The Hanley Series

Our companion novels for tweens and women not only provide an avenue for kids and adults to connect, but they also inspire readers to live well and serve others. Scroll down to read summaries of the first pair of books. The books are available for order on In order to keep kids safe online, we do not provide direct links to Amazon, but the novels can easily be found with a quick search on the site.

Hanley Kids Series Book 1: Mustang Macy


Macy Rivera is starting fifth grade with a new teacher, an old enemy, and a desire to change the world.

When Macy’s teacher challenges her students to create projects that will make a difference in their community, Macy eagerly puts her creativity and organizing skills to use. The question is which project to choose.

Life would be great if not for one person: her former best friend, Olivia. They argue about everything, and they can’t seem to avoid each other.

Will Macy let Olivia ruin her year, or will they choose to forgive each other and learn to be friends again?

Hanley Series Book 1: Mustang Jessie


Elementary teacher Jess Washburn has a great life in the city: a job at a top suburban school, access to great culture and nightlife, and a feisty best friend. But when her school cuts staff in the middle of summer, the only position she can find is in the last place she wants to go: her small hometown.

When Jess left Hanley after high school, she made it clear she was leaving for good. Now she has to face the mother she can’t forgive, the childhood nemesis she can’t avoid, and the memories she can’t forget.

Will she last the nine months before she can escape back to the city? Or will her connection with her new students, an unexpected opportunity to use her skills outside the classroom, and an attractive Marine-turned-coach convince her to deal with the past and embrace her new life?