It all started with an eight-year-old girl.

"Why haven't we had a girl president?"

"Why aren't there more books for girls?"

"Why aren't there more books about girls doing cool things?"

Why, indeed. Juliana Fanning's questions tumbled around in our founder's head for weeks. Dana Wilkerson had recently started writing a novel for women, but her young friend's puzzlement made her wonder if she should write books for girls instead. Then she considered that the main character in her novel was a fifth-grade teacher, which meant there would ultimately be fifth-grade students involved in the story. So why not create a pair of books for both women and children that are written from each of their own perspectives but use the same characters, setting, and timeline?

A Novel Companion

Dana wanted these books to inspire women and children like Juliana—not just entertain them. The novels needed to spur the readers to live better lives and make a difference in their little corner of the world. She decided that the books would focus on a value or character trait, and there would be an element of community service in them.

Three years and two moves later, Dana finally finished writing Mustang Jessie, the first book for adult readers. Her first test readers loved it, and she began working on Mustang Macy, the book for kid readers. With the aid of a life coach and the encouragement of family and friends, Dana realized this could be something more than just one set of books, so she formed a business plan that included multiple series of books as well as an accompanying website with resources and information for both women and children.

Then she just needed a business name that would encapsulate the idea and that had available domain names (which is of ultimate importance in the digital age). In the middle of a sleepless night, it came to her: A Novel Companion. The books could be called companion novels, and the readers could be called novel companions. And anyone who loves reading knows a novel itself can always be a companion.

Our Purpose

We write books and create resources that:

a) foster a relationship between adults and children and

b) inspire them to live well and serve others.